Pass It On Clause

It is called the “Pass It On” Clause.

Here is the normal process –
You decide to grant a scholarship. You identify a favorite non-profit academic or other institution to work with.

You might first draw up a grant letter that outlines the amount, criteria for selection and other parameters of the scholarship. You might then work with your favorite organization to make your scholarship a reality.

We think it is a nice idea to include something like this “Pass It On” clause in your documentation. Here it is. You can find a pdf version here.

The real – serious – agenda for this century is pretty clear: we think it is to invest in the education of our talented young people. We just have to help with one starfish at a time.

We think that the vast majority of talented young people will be happy, if they can, to pass on the benefit that they were given to the next generation.

Because wouldn’t it be nice if we had a chain of scholarships, or individual investment of time and energy, to help nurture and educate the next generation?

A chain that shows a promise kept when it was possible to do so.


A chain that reminds us all how simple promises can educate the world.

Starfish Row Chain